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by Jay on April 12, 2011

Last week I wrote down some thoughts about issues I have been having with Time Management. Last weekend was also the beginning of my new diet / exercise program.

Ten years of sitting behind a desk in an office for 8-12 hours a day took a tool on me physically. I am about 6’0. I went into my office job weighing a healthy 220lbs (I had a muscular rugby player build then). But I left my job weighing an unhealthy 255lbs. I am not quite at the “football player gone to seed” stage yet, but I will be soon if I don’t take action.

So I started my diet on Sunday. I’m following the The Liver Cleansing Diet by Dr. Sandra Cabot. The diet is quite simple, actually. Absolutely no sweets, or white food — white bread, white rice etc. I can eat all the veggies that I want, as well as lean meat. I allow myself brown rice and whole grains in moderation. And no booze. Well, I haven’t quite gotten to the no booze part yet — just eliminating sugary sweets has been a challenge, but I will cross that bridge next weekend. I’ve been surprised how much I miss sugar. M. was once a pastry chef, and is always cooking cakes and other delicious sweets. We also have a bakery nearby called Dough, that makes, bar none, the best donuts in New York City. Soft, fluffy, it’s all I can do now to stay in my chair and not walk down to get one (or two or three). So I was eating a lot of sweets, and am dealing with some cravings now. I wish I could write a blog entry on how to conquer cravings for sweets, but the only advice I have is to think about what I would look like waddling down the street in another ten years if I don’t make any changes. That thought alone brings be back on track.

The other half of my weight plan is exercise. I forced myself to the gym on Monday and worked out for almost 2 hours. I’ll be doing this 3 times a week. I’m also doing cardio exercise for 45 minutes per day. For now it’s mostly fast walking (easier on the knees than jogging) and biking, but as I lose weight I’ll add other things.

My goal is to get down from my current 255 pounds to 190 pounds by the end of the year. That’s about seven pounds per month or 1.7 pounds per week. I know there’ll be an occasional plateau, but I think my goal is doable.

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Paul April 12, 2011 at 10:50 pm

We’ll be waiting for you updates.

Marilyn April 14, 2011 at 9:30 am

I believe you that those doughnuts must be delicious. Is there something that is also delicious that you could subtitute for your doughnut craving? Sushi? Mango? Avacado salad, mmm, my personal fav?

This diet thing could be awesome at getting you out of your food comfort zone and trying deliciously healthy things that you never would’ve thought to try before.

Steve April 15, 2011 at 5:23 pm

Good luck to you in your endeavor to loose the weight. I have the same issues and was diagnosed with Diabetes in 2001. I went from there to having to take seven shots per day to know being on an insulin pump. I strive to get to the under 200 weight. Presently at 235. I have changed my diet and also gave up a very stressful job. I was able to cut my two blood pressure pills in half and hopefully some day will get rid of them. Stay on the plan.

Jay April 15, 2011 at 7:47 pm

Thanks for the comments. Yes Marilyn, they are delicious, but I’ve been eating fruit — mangoes, papayas and pineapple, and they do help with the cravings. Steve, glad to hear that you’ve made some lifestyle changes and that things are improving for you…gives me hope too.

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