Thoughts on a Rainy Saturday Afternoon

by Jay on November 14, 2009

Fall is coming to an end in Brooklyn.  We had a windstorm last night, and the leaves were all blown off of the large magnolia tree in my back yard: this morning they are a sodden mess on the floor of my garden.  We have not had a frost yet, so the impatiens are still blooming and there are plenty of green plants, but soon they too will lifeless.  I’m always amazed how Fall extends well into November and even December in Brooklyn, when even 2o miles away, in Westchester,  the leaves have been down for weeks now and the plants killed in frost back in October.  The temperature of the ocean and bay are still in the mid fifties, which keeps things fairly balmy here until Thanksgiving most years.

I see  that it has been three weeks since I’ve posted.  Ever since I wiped out Midlife Beginnings accidentally a couple months ago, when upgrading to a new version of WordPress, I have been a bit ambivalent about this blog.  I mean, I put a lot of myself, a lot of work into it for a couple years, and then managed to kill all of that of history with one errant mouse click.  But I am not going to give up on it.  Blogging has helped me to keep myself in line with my goals, and has been an interesting way to meet people (or their online selves) and hear new opinions. I miss that.

Speaking of keeping myself in line with my goals, one of the things that I’ve been lax on lately is exercise.  I’ve worked late a few too many nights and missed a few too many workouts.  I got on the scale yesterday and see that I am up to 250 lbs again.  I am a pretty heavy-boned guy — size 13 feet and a 46 inch chest — so I look ok  at 220 lbs, and even 230 lbs.  But 250 lbs has always been the weight that rings alarm bells and sends me back on a diet, so this will be no exception.

It doesn’t help that I’m going around everywhere on my Vespa these days.  One of the reasons you see fewer overweight people in New York City than other places is that people walk and take the subway everywhere.  It’s normal to walk a couple miles per day here, and a lot of that is up and down staircases.  Myself, I’ve always had to walk a mile each way to the express subway, and usually walk about 4 or 5 miles over the course of an average day. Not since I bought the Vespa though, and it is beginning to show.  Time to start dieting and leave the Vespa in the parking garage.

I’ll spend the afternoon throwing certain types of food out (all the butter, starchy things, junk food), and writing up a meal plan and grocery list for the next week that is heavy on lean proteins and vegetables.

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Paul November 15, 2009 at 5:52 pm

I’m glad you posted. The fact that you haven’t felt the need to post in three week is good because, it probably means that things are going ok.
A friend of my partner lost 100 lbs by walking everywhere and giving up other forms of transportation. Ideally I’d like to be 10 or 15 lbs lighter (I’ve been saying that for over a year), but last week I either strained or injured my back while sleeping on my side; so my usual exercise routine is completely out the window. Hopefully this is temporary and I won’t be relegated to being a couch potato loo long.

Paul November 15, 2009 at 5:52 pm

PS nice picture of your place. Who does he garden work?

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