Giving Notice

by Jay on February 21, 2011

So I finally did it – gave notice to my boss that I’m leaving my job. She wasn’t particularly surprised – actually said that I had an enormous amount of patience to have stuck with it as long as I did.

I don’t want to get into too many details about my job, but I will say that I work for one of the remaining investment banks, my job is regulatory in nature and it involves making sure that certain data ends up on material that goes out to the public. The data comes from throughout the firm and varies greatly. It’s pretty much been on my shoulders to get this right for the past few years, and when I’ve missed something it has cost several hundred thousand in legal fees each time. The firm has spent a few million dollars over the past two years to put what I do into the hands of the firm’s central data group, which frankly is where it belongs, but changing this process has proven to be more complicated than expected. The new solution will finally be released this weekend, and I’ll be able to walk away from a job that has become a real burden to me.

We settled on March 11 being my last day. Three weeks’ notice. I would have preferred two weeks, but what’s another week after 11 years at the same firm? One of my co-workers has already arranged a going away dinner on March 10 at a swanky Manhattan restaurant, which will be my last hurrah in the investment banking world.

And then I’m on my own. And for the first time I feel some trepidation. It’s odd, I’ve reviewed my business plan over and over again, and all is in order. I’m well ahead of my sales projections so far this month. Things are looking really good. But there’s a side of me that doesn’t want to leave ]my cubicle-cage. No matter how much I hate it, there is security there. I guess it’s kind of like those prisoners who have spent 10 years in a jail cell, longing for freedom. They serve their sentence, are freed, and realize that they can’t deal with it. Months later they commit a crime and are back in prison again. Well, I know that I don’t want to live in my cubicle anymore. I am definitely ready to get out.

This makes me wonder if the corporate world is one big mind game. There are those who succeed in the corporate world: they excel at the political games, the intrigue, at getting other people to do what needs to be done. Then there are people like me, who tend to like to have a project, and work well on our own. But we end up being corporate road kill. Jobs get boring. Other people can be found to do what we do for less money.

But that is the way of the world, and it is up to me to find a place within it where I am happy and successful. In my push to succeed in my own business, I will have to cultivate discipline and good attitude. The past is the past and I’m glad to leave it behind. I will not be writing about my old job anymore in this blog. The future presents its own set of challenges to be managed, and this is what I hope to focus on my blog over the next few weeks and months.

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Matt February 21, 2011 at 3:31 pm

Congrats Jay! I knew this day would come eventually and it seems that you are doing something right if you are able to leave the corporate grind.

Paul February 21, 2011 at 9:33 pm

Congratulations. It is a great thing that you are doing, going out on your own. I admire that. Nothing is more secure than what you can do for yourself. I shared a house out of college and one of the guys living there had made a fortune and lost it and went on with another business. It was his ability to be self sufficient and to rebound that had me a bit envious.

Paul March 10, 2011 at 9:48 pm

Last day is tomorrow. I hope you enjoyed the going away party!

Jay March 25, 2011 at 6:22 pm

Thanks Matt & Paul.

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