New Beginnings

by Jay on March 25, 2011

Last Wednesday was my last day at my old job, as expected. May I never ever have to walk into an Investment Bank again (unless I have the good fortune to become a client!). My division had a large lunch for me on Tuesday, and then on Wednesday I had a smaller lunch with my team to say goodbye. I was out of there by 6pm.

It has taken several days, but I have finally started putting that job and the daily routine into the past tense of my mind. I cannot put into words how happy I am when I wake up in the morning, sip my coffee by the window, and realize that I do not have to go into that office, do my tedious and lengthy daily data checks, and handle the inevitable issues that would arise out of them with our offshore technology team, our legal department and our chief operating officer.

As much as I came to hate the job though, I am proud of the fact that I left without burning any bridges. People were sad to see me go, and I was sad to leave people behind. I have had jobs where I liked the work but couldn’t stand the people around me; this was the opposite situation. I was sick to death of my daily tasks, but I quite liked my colleagues and co-workers, enjoyed the lunches and the after work drinks, as well as the brainstorming sessions that we would have together.

I gave myself a week to take it easy, to sleep a bit late, to spend quiet time in the apartment, to stay away from the computer, to sit around and daydream, but tomorrow my little break comes to an end and I will jump into my new business. I have several book sales to go to in the morning, and then will spend time working on a book fair for a non-profit that I volunteer with.

I look forward to blogging more too.

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